Our Comparative offers include:

• Culturally appropriate technology resources 

Interactive features

• Peaceful and beautiful scenes

• Potential for recreating memories

• In-person workshops for Care homes


Mansta Kurang

Founder, VR Revival 

In Good Hands


Providing a socially uplifting experiences for underrepresented Adults in Mental 

Our Comparative offers include:


- Access to high quality culturally appropriate immersive a 360-degree experiences, anytime and anywhere in the world

- Peaceful and beautiful scenes

- Potential for recreating memories

- Simple and intuitive to use (see our FAQs)

- Reduce stigma by downloading the APP; we will provide a limited version for free to dementia patients in low-and-middle income countries


- Use our Education Room to learn more about the disease and help raise awareness of dementia


- Can be used without a headset in a less immersive way with our Gyro or Touch technology


- Offline capabilities so there is no need for internet access after download

Mansata Kurang is the Founder for VR Revival, a recent Health Technology Start-up who provide an interactive and personalised platform for an uplifting social experience using a virtual reality app and headset for people with dementia. She holds a First-Class honours degree in Mathematics and an MSc in Actuarial Science from Cass Business School. She is also the Creative Director of Freestyle 4 Africa Foundation, a charity she founded that facilitates the sharing of creative  video content online while providing grants to educational, artistic and creative projects in Africa. She is currently researching the neuroscience techniques on the effects of music training on brain development and exploring how the Arts and Music therapy can be used to treat depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s in older patients through the world of Virtual Reality. She has particular interest in Africa and is passionate about using creative technology to make a positive impact in the lives of young children and vulnerable adults.

Achievements and Milestones:

- Laureate 2019, Africa 35:35

- Health Impact Award 2019, iLAB for Entrepreneurs

- Future Leader of the Year Finalist, Tech Leaders Awards

- BBC News Feature - Dementia in Africa: Virtual reality app aims to break stigma

- Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, WinTech Series 

- Successful Private beta pilot with South London dementia patients

- Top 10 People's Champion and Top 100 Innovators in UK by Sunday Times and Maserati List 2019  

- Techpreneurs Runner up Award for Women in Technology 2019, House of Lords 

- 2 page magazine feature with Urban Kapital, UK's Intelligent Multi-Ethnic Magazine

- Laureate 2018, Women in Africa 

- Cash Scholarship as recipient of Women in Business 2018

- Selected one of top 30 start-ups by WorldLabs and exhibited at the WorldLabs Conference 2018


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