Frequently asked questions


What are the requirements to access Revive VR App?

Minimum requirements:

  1. ​iPhone iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch
  2. Google Cardboard or headset – you can get this here
  3. 1.5 GB Memory Size
  4. Wi-Fi Network (only for initial download)

(Android and Oculus Go coming out soon!)

What is the Step-by-Step download process?

  1. Visit our App site
  2. Enter your details, agree to our terms and click ‘Download our App now’ (currently only available for Apple iOS)
  3. You will be re-directed to the App Store to Download
  4. Don’t forget to get your headsets here for a more immersive experience here

How long will it take to download?

Download times depend on internet speed. Our application can be used anywhere in the world at any time without internet after first time download. To allow for this offline capability, it means the app takes up a lot of space so ensure there is enough space in your phone before download. We would recommend that you use Wi-Fi Network for the initial download


How do I get back to select screen options for headset or not?

Tilt your head down and gaze at the ‘Go to Home’ or remove phone from headset and navigate to this

Why is my Screen frozen?

Tap on the screen once if there is no movement after 5 seconds

Why can’t I hear the audio?

Turn up the volume or put on your headphones

Do I need a headset to use the app?

You don’t need a headset as the app works with Touch and Gyro technology. However, this can only be viewed as a screen and is not as immersive

Where can I get a headset?

You can purchase your headset here


Why can’t I use the application on my own?

Carers should always supervise the dementia patient while using the application. We encourage pair viewing so you can also view what the patient is seeing on your iPhone or iPad and guide them through the experience. For pair viewing, take the following steps:

​- Instructions on how to Mirror iPhone to iPhone:

- Instructions on how to Mirror Android to Android:

Is there a free version?

Once we reach 1000 downloads, we will be able to provide a limited free version to low-and-middle income countries.

We also have a free Dementia Ebook available here

Is there a Refund Policy?

The Revive VR Application was set up to support a free limited version to be provided to low-and-middle income countries. By purchasing the Application, you are supporting a worthy cause to help break the stigma surrounding dementia. As a result, there is no refund once the Application is purchased