Mansata Kurang is the world's first Immersive Compassion Coach and is the founder of VR Revival, a health technology start-up helping underrepresented Adults in Mental Health by offering compassion training using the power of storytelling, psychology and virtual reality. She currently works alongside Clinical Psychology Academics to develop immersive solutions for Adults in the UK Mental Health industry. Her work involves using a combination of self-compassion tools and ancient Ayurvedic techniques as a resilience factor to protect the vulnerable against mental health. She is a Creative Technologist, passionate about using innovative strategies to fill gaps in the care of vulnerable underrepresented populations and promoting health inclusivity in Adults. She was a Nesta and Story Futures Immersive Mental Health Fellow at Royal Holloway University of London, where she graduated with a First-Class Honours in Mathematics and has been in the Mental Wellness space for the past three years. She has been the recipient of 22 National and International Award Nominations and Listings including winning 10 Awards; WeAreTheCity Rising Star in HealthCare, Future Star in Tech For Good, TechWomen100, Sunday Times Top 10 People's Champion, Maserati Top 100 Innovators in the UK and Entrepreneur of the Year Women in Technology World Series. She was featured in the BBC and The Times and recently named Top 10 Digital Leaders in the UK and listed on the Maker’s Women in Software PowerList. Her start-up VR Revival has this year been recognised as one of the 100 outstanding UK Createch businesses and selected by the National Institute for Health Research Surgical MedTech Co-operative as one of the Top 15 HealthTech Startups to exhibit at the UK Virtual Northern MedTech Summit in January 2021. She loves personal development and is very enthusiastic about leading by example to inspire and motivate women to unlock their full potential and do what they love while impacting the world positively. She is passionate about helping meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing for all and she wakes up everyday to help others transmute negative emotions into positive ones so they can free their minds and shoot for the stars. 


In just 5 days away from all screens with focus on mind, body and spirit, I:


✅ Came up with 3 revenue generating ideas 

✅ Lost 0.5kgs (8.5kgs from total detoxes this year!)

✅ Got most of my flat organised 

✅ Read an entire 290 page book  

✅ Journaled a whole full diary 

✅ More clarity and lot wiser 


All from switching screen time to productive time.


Then I switch on my phone:

❌ 317 emails 

❌ 600+ Watsapp messages 

❌ 100s of Facebook messages 

❌ I haven’t event checked Twitter and LinkedIn yet! 


It’s no wonder we’re all so distracted and didn’t have space to think. 


I would thoroughly recommend everyone do a digital detox if you get the chance. Maybe you can’t do 5 days straight but even just 1 day a week would be highly beneficial mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually...just so you have time to sit with yourself, face reality, your thoughts and take action help move your life forward rather than be distracted or avoid responsibility. See below for amazing offer!!!




E-Book with the step-by-step DIGITAL DETOX THEMES:


Day 1: Meditation - breathe and learn to be still

Day 2: Knowledge - read inspirational books

Day 3: Nature - ground yourself, be one with the great mother

Day 4: Declutter - release and let go

Day 5: Journaling - re-write your new story

ALSO Incudes the step-by-step DAILY SCHEDULE:

Break-down of Morning Routine 

Break-down of Afternoon Routine

Break-down of Evening Routine

Healthy Vegan Recipes 

The Different Types of Meditation 

The Different Types of Yoga Styles 

PLUS FREE VIDEO Episode explaining the Digital Detox Journey 




 Mansata Kurang

Want an interesting digital story form of exactly how I did my detox? Read my memories with real time collection of feelings, actions and results. Get an insight into the mind of a Mathematician/Creative Technologist/Mental Health Specialist along with a few interesting life and childhood stories. 

Storytelling is a beautiful form of art and coupled with journaling gives a honest and funny reminiscence and real-time collation of the events over the 5 days.



Need more personalised or 1-to-1 help? I can teach you how to build the compassionate self, using internal dialog and visualisation. We will go through practises to build your compassionate inner space using the power of imagery. We can also delve deeper into any aspect the digital detox experience. 








I have learnt a lot about mental wellbeing from Mansata. I must say that I look up to her with so much respect and adoration, her hard work has earned her this success. I’m so proud. 

I was an entity with joy and light and the experience helped to make you think about no matter what you go through, you and yourself are going to be this shining entity.

Your sessions have been a blessing for me and really nourishing to my soul.

Haddijatou Jobe, Scotland

Rose Stewart, Durham UK

VR App Demo User, London 



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